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Tokyo Cheapest Long Haul Destination in the World

Proving beyond doubt that its reputation for high prices is not deserved, Tokyo was rated Cheapest Long Haul Destination in the World in The Post Office 2018 Holiday Money Report.

This is based on the prices of a bottle of water, a hot drink, a can of coke, a bottle of beer, dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a glass of wine, insect repellent and sunscreen, which altogether come to £43.14, comfortably cheaper than the same items in Cape Town, the second cheapest city, which cost £54.95.

In addition these fantastic prices available in Tokyo can also be found in any Japan ski resort. Convenient stores such as Seicomart, Lawsons, 7 Eleven and FamilyMart stock most of these commodities providing an excellent option for quick, cheap and tasty lunches. We recommend onigiris (Japanese filled rice balls) which are available from around £0.70. 

Vending machines provide a great place to grab a hot or cold drink for next to no money on the mountain, while typical Japanese ski huts such as Boyo-so in Niseko Hirafu offer delicious, hearty lunches with compliemtary tea and water for well under £10. 

With most properties being self-catering, it is cheap and easy to purchase bottles of wine, spirits, beer, sake and chuhai from a convenience store and enjoy them in the comfort of your accommodation before heading out for dinner in the evening. 

Eating out can be nice and cheap too, with restaurants like Niseko Ramen in Hirafu Village and Tsubara Tsubara in Izumikyo offering, amazing, reasonably priced local food. And why not head to Amaru later on where you can buy exquisite cocktails that pack an extra punch offerring extraordinary value for money.

Thanks to The Post Office for highlighting what locals already know - that Japan offers some of the cheapest everyday commodities that everyone who chooses Japan for their ski holiday can take full advantage of!

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